Protected Reliability • Rugged Agility • Effortless Adaptability

Cost effective

Superior protection at a reasonable price.


Adaptability of the vehicle to cater to a variety of customer requirements.


Can be serviced and maintained in any environment, with low running costs compared to the industry.

ease of transport

The vehicle can fit into a standard shipping container making the process efficient and robust.



Too many overspecialised and expensive vehicles are sold in areas, where support and spares are unavailable. Ultimately these vehicles are left stranded. Bruiser 112 addresses these challenges by its effective and efficient design focused on simplicity, superior mobility as well as ballistic and blast protection. 

The base vehicle has been designed avoiding the use of high-tech electronics. Consequently, the use of specialised equipment and highly trained technicians are not required.


We have a large number of vehicles pre-built, ensuring immediate availability.


Bruisertech was established out of necessity as there was a need in the market that was not being met. We addressed this need in the market through vehicles that are both simple to operate and service while still being reliable and rugged.

All of our solutions are built to aid peacekeepers with humanitarian missions in mind. We work tirelessly to produce vehicles with superior, mobility that are:

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Simplistic
  • Robust