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The Terms and Conditions contained herein govern the interaction between Bruisertech (Pty) Ltd and users as it pertains to our website. Terms and Conditions will be updated from time to time and will always be available to users on this site. By accessing the Bruisertech website users consent to the Terms and Conditions of use set out herein.


Although every effort is made to publish correct and accurate information on the Bruisertech website, no representations are made or warranties of any kind given regarding the completeness, accuracy, reliability or availability pertaining to the website or the information, products or services listed or mentioned.

Use or reliance on such information or any other opinions noted on this website is undertaken at the user’s own risk.

This website does not guarantee compatibly with any specific hardware or software. Users remain responsible for the protection of their own computers and/or the electronic equipment they use. Bruisertech will not be liable for any damage or loss, direct or consequential arising or in connection with the use of our website, including but not limited to viruses or related software, hardware or software damage or loss.

Bruisertech may contain links to other websites which are not under its control and we take no responsibility when users access these sites, nor do we endorse or recommend any of the sites or associated products or services.

Although every effort is made to ensure that our site remains operational we will not be liable for any damage or loss related to technical faults related to inaccessibility of the website. We may in fact withdraw access to our website and all material on it at any time.

All material, images, text and videos may be used for non-commercial purposes but remains the intellectual property of Bruisertech (Pty) Ltd. It is expressly prohibited to modify any of our material in any way or to use our graphics, technology or material without acknowledgement of the source of such material.


Information transmitted via the internet is always susceptible to interception, monitoring and misuse.

Consequently, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Bruisertech is not liable for any damage or loss suffered due to the transmission, interception, monitoring or misuse of information by third parties.


Disputes will be decided by a Division of the High Court of South Africa applying South African law.

The Terms and Conditions of this website have further been drafted and published in accordance with the laws of South Africa.


If any portion of the Terms and Conditions of this website is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and/or enforceability of the provisions shall not be affected and shall be valid and enforceable.

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